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Meet the Advisory Board

Lindsay Wright 


Assistant Director

Head of Staff and Student Well-Being,

International School of Monaco 


Lindsay has lived and worked in Monaco for 17 years. She is a passionate educator and an avid believer in educating the whole child, both academically and psychologically. Lindsay is honoured to be part of the Advisory Board and looks forward to collaborations and projects with the Monaco community and beyond. 

Gilles Grosjean Nash.png

Gilles Grosjean Nash

Founder of Bertelles, Entrepreneur and Consultant 


Gilles is a civil engineer by training but spent much of his early career working in M&A and finance. He founded men's shirt brand Abbie & Rose in 2012, which he sold in 2018, and currently runs Bertelles alongside consulting roles in business, marketing and digital transformation. 


Hilde Haneuse  


CEO of Bluewave Software, 

President of Women in Business in Monaco 


Hilde obtained a masters in German philology at Ghent University, Belgium and graduated in international affairs 

from CERAM business school. She is mother of three and the Founder of the international writing contest 

of “Au Cœur des Mots”, which gives voice to the young on gender equality. With the AFCEM, she initiated 

digital PPP projects for women entrepreneurs in Senegal. 

Lilian Pacini




Lilian is a qualified solicitor and a member of the Law Society of England & Wales for 20 years. She is currently responsible for business development and client relations for Silverback Multifamily Office in Monaco.

Before moving to Monaco, Lilian’s legal practice was in criminal defence litigation specialising in serious crimes and fraud litigation. She co-founded and managed her law firm in the UK specialising in property law.

As a passionate advocate for equality and human rights, she is proud to join SheCanHeCan.

Get to know our Ambassadors 

Béatrice Fresco-Rolfo

Conseillère Nationale

Coming soon 

Toby Wright

"Working in the art world, I have witnessed society marginalising artists in one way or another, and pigeonholing genders into predetermined roles.


Art’s main mission is to be universal, to poetically engage with sensitive issues, to inspire and elevate consciousness and even denouncing discrimination & oppression.


I believe in bridging the gap between skill sets that are available across the genders, and allowing all children to be given the chance to choose outside of the stereotypes surrounding them."


Frédéric Dormeuil 

“Michelle Obama said it well; “Through my education, I didn't just develop skills, I didn't just develop the ability to learn, but I developed confidence.”


I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with many nationalities in a variety of countries and what always marked me when I moved on was the notable lack of confidence in and among the workplace and even socially, especially those new to foreign landscapes.


It’s very much a responsibility for all to ensure those in our milieu feel at ease in not only finding, but also building their confidence. As with most things in life, such aptitudes develop at a young age and I’m enthused to be supporting the work that SheCanHeCan are doing to enlighten our youth of today and help them build their inner confidence to tackle all that this world offers and all that they may desire.”

World of Luxury 

Aldis Kristin Firman.png

"I am honoured and feel privileged to join SheCanHeCan as an Ambassador, having followed and having been impressed with Director and Founder, Vibeke’s dedication and progress now for the last 6 years. For me personally, its an organisation and cause I feel greatly passionate about. I was born and raised in Iceland, a country where education is available to all, is virtually free. Iceland is known for its equality status, education of both girls and boys and emphasis on the individual, no boundaries and having been given a chance to study, work and pursue my dreams unencumbered by any life or any limitations, let alone stereotypes.


I’m a great believer in investing in education and having a meaningful dialog. Challenges our children face with the fast moving landscape we live in globally, economic climate changes, natural disasters now mean that this dialog is now more important than ever.


I’m proud to be Ambassador to SheCanHeCan, an organisation that has taken a proactive approach to changing norms relating to gender stereotypes and limitations they may create."

Aldis Firman 

Entrepreneur, Start Up Investor & Non-Executive Director 

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