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Interactive workshops 

Workshops for your company

SheCanHeCan offers gender and equality, diversity and inclusion workshops to companies, both in Monaco and across Europe.


The workshops vary depending on your requirements however our core workshops focus on

- An understanding power and privilege

- Learning to challenge 'invisible' discrimination such as gaslighting and unconscious bias

- A focus on the impact of representation

- Adopting specific tools and techniques that will support the development of better inclusion in the workplace. 

We conduct both in-company workshops and mixed company workshops that engage multiple individuals from a broad range of different companies. The purpose of both types of workshops is to help participants challenge their own assumptions, by exchange, collaboration and interaction with the other participants. Through fact-based evidence, role-play and interactive activities, we work to encourage participants to learn and adopt methods to improve gender and social inclusivity in their workplace and by extension their own personal lives.  


For more information or to receive your personalised company quotation, please email:  

"The workshop made me realise that I actually have been in an environment where discrimination has a place. I had not realised it before."


Similar to our workshops, throughout the year we host a number of small events that are offed to our community. Past events have included; 

- Fundraising yoga and pilates classes; 

- A book sale of inclusive stories for children;  

- A session on stereotypes and children's toys, co-hosted with Let Toys Be Toys; 

- A fundraising Christmas market alongside other female-led businesses in Monaco.

To organise an event with us, please send your request to

"Thank you to you BOTH! You are a wonderful association and have such a lot to teach our students, and so much material to inspire our students with." 
"Thank you so much for hosting. It's wonderful to have such strong women as yourselves voicing a message with such passion and helping us all learn along the way."
"Such a great presentation and lively discussion. We are so lucky to have such engaged women helping the local community."


We have given presentations at various private events alongside women's community-based, leaderships groups such as Be Here Now, New Women Networking as well as private group events for women which provide a supportive environment for women to discuss many of the challenges that they face today in their personal and professional lives. 

​​​​​​​​​To book a presentation for your group or private event, please email

Speaking Engagements

"Vibeke was so impactful with her words. She presented me with questions I have never been asked before and I feel like I learned so much." 

Vibeke Brask Thomsen (Director)

A list of our speaking engagements can be found below. 

To request one of our team members to speak at your upcoming event, conference or panel, please email 

15 November 2022 

Moderator on "Talking Equity in the Workplace" hosted by SBM Offshore, Monaco. 

11 October 2022 

Introductory Speech to mark International Day of the Girl, Conseil National, Monaco 

20 September 2022 

Panelist on "Voices of the Community", Global Philanthropists Community Conference, UBS, Zurich, Switzerland. 

8 April 2021   

Panelist on the "Women in Diplomacy" series, Hertie School, Berlin, Germany (virtual event). 

6 March 2021   

Workshop with the College Alpin Beau Soleil, Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland. ​

11 February 2021  

Opening remarks on 'reducing inequalities within and among countries', Mini United Nations Conference, online event.  

19 January 2021  

Online workshop for Harper Collins Publishers, London. 

14 January 2021 

Workshop on stereotypes for two classes of Year 4, Ecole de Fontvieille, Monaco.  

28 November 2020 

Expert ​on TedXMonteCarloWomen, on the panel 'Raise Your Voice: Women Equality & Rights" (virtual event). 


12 November 2020 

Talk on equity ​& inclusion for second year students, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. 

12 October 2020 

Introductory Speech for the International Day of the Girl, Conseil National, Monaco. 

6 March 2020 

Speech for the Wiener Ball Reception, City of Vienna, Monaco. 

13 December 2019 

Speech for the Dagmar Westberg Foundation, Frankfurt.


11 October 2019 

International Day of the Girl, Conseil National, Monaco. 

- Speech to mark the launch of #Girl2Leader campaign in Monaco.

5 September 2019

Young Diplomats Forum, Brussels. 

7 August 2019

Marks & Spencer D&I Workshop, London. 

27 March 2019

Mini United Nations Conference, International School of Monaco

Opening keynote speech on previous experience working with international organisations. 

6 March 2019 

Women and Global Leadership, hosted by the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP), Palace of Westminster, London.  

- Talk on diversity and inclusion, women in leadership, global progress and setbacks on gender equality.  

27 November 2018 

London Diplomatic Summit: Diplomacy for a Smart World, organised by the Global Diplomatic Forum, London. 

- Chair on the "Women’s Role in Setting Vision of Security and Prosperity for the MENA Region”.


1 November 2018

Gender Smart Investing Summit, London – hosted by UBS

- Conversation starter on the Violence Prevention Dividend, Finance as a Tool to combat gender-based violence.


11 October 2018

International Day of the Girl, Conseil National, Monaco

- Speech to mark the International Day of the Girl, presenting SheCanHeCan and the #Girl2Leader campaign to MPs and young girls from participating schools.

​27 September 2018

- Investor Media presentation event, Monaco Yacht Show, Monaco.


11 October 2017

International Day of the Girl, Conseil National, Monaco

- Speech to mark the International Day of the Girl and the launch of SheCanHeCan.


12 June 2017

Making Laws Work to End Violence against Women, hosted by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Parliament of Romania, Vital Voices and Global Rights for Women, Bucharest, Romania

- Cooperation between NGOs and Parliamentarians in the implementation process following the reporting to the GREVIO, Council of Europe, on laws to end violence against women.

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