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Interview of the month 

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May -June 2022

Nita Korhonen

Director FIM's Women Commission

"My main motivation and pleasure in work and in life comes from helping people and seeking fairness. In this sense, there is a lot to do for women in a male dominated world."

Nous Toutes 06 

April 2022 

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Alessandro Riconda, Just Kids film-maker 

February 2022 


The Nurse Note 

December 2021 


Proud of my Period

October 2021 


Nathalie Bernadotte 

August 2021 


Dr. Mara Harvey 

June 2021 

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Anita Kouassigan 

April 2021 

Work with Perpetrators Network 

February 2021 

Espace Artistes Femmes 

December 2020 



October 2020 

Zero Macho 

August 2020 


MenEngage Europe Network

June 2020 

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Karine Lambert

Historian and University Professor  


April 2020 


Afsaneh Parvizi-Wayne

Founder of Freda


January 2020

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Martha Silcott

CEO and creator of Fab Little Bag 

November 2019 

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Luis Lineo 

Fanzingo and MÄN Stockholm 


September 2019 

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Liz Kleinrock 

Educational Consultant, Anti-bias Educator
Founder of Teach and Transform


July 2019 

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Céline Cottalorda 

Delegate for the Promotion and Protection of Women's Rights, Government of Monaco 


 March 2019 

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Gina Martin 

Activist and Writer. Author of 'Be the Change'


February 2019 

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Brigitte Boccone Pagès 

Vice President of the Conseil National, Monaco


December 2018 

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Who do you want to hear from? 


Our interviewees have included NGO leaders, such as Lauren Wolfe, Director of Women Under Siege Project, Rainatou Sow, Director of Make Every Woman Count, Elizabeth Dearborn-Hughes, Founder and CEO of Akilah Institute for Women and Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, Chair of Inspiring Girls, Ellie Irving, Author of "The Mathilda Effect" 

We have also featured interviews with outstanding athletes, such as Paula Radcliffe, women's world record holder in marathon running, Lindsay Armistead, Professional Cyclist, Road world Champion and Susie Wolff, retired F1 racing driver, founder of Dare to be Different. Previous interviewees have also included Nora Fyles, Director of the United Nations Girls Education Initiative and leading academic Dr Michael Kimmel, Founder and Director of the Centre of the Studies of Men and Masculinities at Stony Brook University. Finally we also feature interviews with key organisation actors such as Promundo and Let Toys be Toys.


The world is full of amazing people with new ideas... only when we share their vision does change start to happen. 

Email us at if you would like to be interviewed or if you would like to hear from someone specific. 

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