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Our story

SheCanHeCan is a Monaco-based organisation whose principal aim is to inspire and support girls to take leadership roles. We encourage both girls and boys to challenge deeply-held, life-limiting gender stereotypes and to realise their full potential. SheCanHeCan also works to recognise the achievement and contributions of great female leaders throughout her story*. 

We are in intersectional feminist organisation that works to provide girls, women, boys and men and those who identify as such with the opportunity to enhance their own potential in spaces that are defined to encourage them to pursue their future or current goals and aspirations independent of the expectations of their gender. 

SheCanHeCan is committed to deconstructing the gender binary by showing children, teens and adults that their bodies; their gender, their race, and their sexuality does not have codetermine what they want to achieve both personally and professionally. 

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Our mission statement

To provide comprehensive education and training to young girls and boys, men and women and those who identify as such through the use of workshops, classes, mentoring and collective writing in an environment that supports and encourages gender equality. 

Our vision statement

SheCanHeCan envisions a society where all individuals will be valued equally in every working and living environment regardless of their gender. We hope that the work that we do will create a world where one's gender is not a determining factor success, inclusion and economic equality. Our vision strives to balance social, economic political opportunities of the sexes. 

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